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The Department of Industrial and Production Engineering is totally a versatile technical side in the engineering sector. This department is a bridge between engineering and business management. The IPE department of this university can ensure that its graduates will be ...See More

About IPE

The present world is seeking to do the best possible use of its limited resources. Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE) is that branch of engineering that deals with maximum utilization of our resources. The competitive world market always enforces to produce product better and cheaper within short time period. Industrial engineers help in increasing productivity, reducing cost, better quality, better management etc. They are not oriented to any specific sector rather they can contribute to any sector for better performance. In our country they are successfully performing in garments, textiles, cement, steel, lather, pharmaceuticals and many other different sectors. To meet the demand of industrial engineers, Bangladesh Army University of Science and Technology (BAUST) has started this program in 2016 at undergraduate level. To build perfect industrial engineers the University has a rich laboratory facilities, libraries, industrial tours etc.

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Production Process Lab

Production process laboratory provides the students- experimental and practical knowledge about various types of manufacturing processes.

Machine Tool Lab

The machine tool lab consists of various manufacturing machines and machine tools for doing practically works in the laboratory.