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Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Bangladesh Army University of Science and Technology (BAUST). This Program has been started in 2015. Mechanical Engineering is one of the basic engineering branches with its large application fields such as Automobile ...See More

Welcome to Dept. of ME

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and largest disciplines of study all over the world. The ME Department has been one of the most prestigious departments of BAUST from the beginning. The four year graduate program of Mechanical Engineering was started in 2015. Mechanical Engineering is generally understood to emphasize on energy, its transformation, transmission and utilization; and on applied mechanics and design. The mechanical engineering undergraduate programs provide excellent technical background for persons who want to work in fluid mechanics, applied mechanics, heat transfer, environmental pollution control, and other multidisciplinary professions where a good understanding of technology is often very important. Throughout the study program, considerable emphasis is placed on the development of systematic procedures for analysis and design, and on the responsible use of technology. The undergraduate program prepares the student for a career in engineering, with an emphasis on the technical areas of fluid and thermal energy systems and the conversion of ...See More

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Welding Shop

This workshop is equipped with modern facilities including TIG, MIG, gas welding, electric arc welding, spot welding, soldering, brazing etc.

Foundry Shop

Foundry Shop is equipped with casting apparatus, which uses the patterns from the wood and demonstrates the casting process in the sessional courses on Production Process.