Residential Facilities

The university believes that campus life is an important aspect in the development process of students. In addition, to provide services in assisting students in solving problems that affect their studies, the university aims to create an environment conductive to cultural development and promotion of interaction among staffs, students and intellectuals. The university has two residential halls for the accommodations of the students. The total capacity of the halls is around 800 till now.

The hall for the male students is named after the famous Bhawaiya folk song composer and singer of Rangpur AbbasUddin Ahmed.

The hall for the female students is named after BirProtikTaramonBibi who is one of the two female freedom fighters in Bangladesh obtaining the BirProtik award. 

Name of the halls with their capacities are listed below:

Name of Hall
Name of Provost
AbbasUddin Ahmed Hall
Dr. Kazi Mohammad Anamoul Haque
BirProtikTaramonBibi Hall
AshrafunNaher Pinky
01745 42 27 30


The students live in these on community basis, while 4 students share a single room. Each hall has a TV room, wide balcony, indoor games and dining room facility. A provost and some assistant provosts administrate each hall.

Both halls are neat and clean and possess a perfect environment for study. Top quality security is ensured by Bangladesh Army and our own security guards.

Food quality and nutrition values are also maintained here strictly to preserve the good health of our students.

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