Faculty of Computer and Electrical Engineering (CEE)

Faculty of Computer and Electrical Engineering (CEE)

The faculty is comprised of two academic divisions: Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering—each studying important, groundbreaking research, each offering undergraduate degrees. These two departments are merged together into a cohesive unit. This powerful combination enhances interdisciplinary collaboration among students and faculty members, creating research opportunities that cross traditional boundaries.

Message from the Dean

Welcome to BAUST’s Faculty of Computer and Electrical Engineering.

Engineering has the power to transform lives. This is why our students are so passionate about pursuing an engineering education. Faculty of Computer and Electronic Engineering is the largest faculty at BAUST boasting renowned faculty members, advanced research equipment, and the considerable resources offered by a great university.

The Faculty boasts well-developed laboratory facilities equipped with modern equipment to conduct research in computer science, electrical engineering, electronics, and electromagnetic compatibility. It allows the Faculty to conduct academic and developmental research as well as offer expert studies, measurements, trainings and other services commissioned by industry.

The Faculty has about 30 teachers and over 10 technical officers and supporting staffs. The faculty aims at promoting entrepreneurship, leadership and research aptitude among the students to contribute to the economic wellbeing and technological developments of the country.

I am extremely proud of the learners, leaders, and thinkers who make up the Faculty of CEE. And I’m honored to be part of a team of people who aren’t just about making something happen, but making something better.


Department of Computer Science and Engineering:

This department researches and develops new ideas in all areas of computer science and engineering: digital logic; electronic circuits; computer architecture; operating systems; compilers; databases; networking; distributed systems; parallel systems; image-based modeling and rendering; computer graphics; and theoretical computer science.

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The electrical engineering division explores and develops new ideas in areas such electronic circuits, solid-state electronics, electromagnetics, optics, lasers, controls, digital signal processing, communications, and networks.

Awarded Degree:

  1. B.Sc. Engineering in  Computer Science and Engineering
  2. B.Sc. Engineering in  Electrical and Electronic Engineering
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