Bangladesh Army University of Science and Technology (BAUST), Saidpur

Department of Business Administration (DBA)


Research Ethics

The ethical review at BAUST, DBA consists the following key points:

  • Institutional, national and international guidelines to conduct the research activities ethically with participations.
  • The entire procedure of ethics application consisting ethics review required, submission procedure for approval etc.
  • Specific suggestions, applications, proposal, reports, publications, partnerships etc.

Proposed Areas of research

  • Entrepreneurship Development, Human Resource Management, HR Empowerment through capacity building.
  •  Information Technology Management, Entrepreneurship, HR Information System, Industrial Relations.
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction,
  • International Trade, Development Economics
  • Forensic Accounting Application
  • Consumer Behavior, Branding, Tourism, Marketing.
  •           Customer, Response towards environmental change, Adaptability of firms with environmental change.
  • Knowledge Management, Talent Management.

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