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Bangladesh Army University of Science and Technology (BAUST), Saidpur

Department of Arts and Sciences

Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory of BAUST is the core hub of the practical knowledge of chemistry for BAUSTIAN. This laboratory belongs to the Arts and Sciences department. It is located at the fifth floor of themain academic building of BAUST and offers an excellent environment for carrying out lab experiment and research. ThisLaboratory is well-equipped with apparatus, instruments and necessary chemicals. The Aim of this Laboratory is to provide basic and practical knowledge of chemistry. Efficientlyboth quantitative, qualitative analysis along with active and applied research are being done in this Laboratory.Moreover, BAUST Chemistry Laboratory is properly conducted by three experienced and knowledgeable faculty members who are highly dedicated to radiate their knowledge for students. In addition, there is an expert assistant technical officer who always keeps an eyeon the Chemistry Laboratory. The Chemistry Laboratory of BAUST extremely committed to foster the basic practical knowledge of chemistry and we welcome you all to visit us.