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Admissions are now open for upcoming Summer 2024 semester

Bangladesh Army University of Science and Technology (BAUST), Saidpur

Department of Civil Engineering (CE)

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Performed Tests:

1. General Instruction For Fluid Mechanics Sessional
2. Proof of Bernoulli’s theorem
3. Determination of centre of pressure
4. Flow through a Venturi meter
5. Flow through an Orifice
6. Flow over a Sharp crested rectangular weir
7. Flow over a V-notch
8. Fluid friction in a pipe
9. Determination of coefficient of resistance for change in cross sections of pipe
10. Determination of coefficient of discharge by using orifice discharge apparatus

Lab in-charge

Md. Fazzle Rabby
Department of Civil Engineering, BAUST

Lab Technician

Md. Raju Mia