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Bangladesh Army University of Science and Technology (BAUST), Saidpur

Department of Civil Engineering (CE)

Farewell to Our Beloved Teacher, Asst. Prof. Md. Izharul Haque Azad Sir

Farewell to Our Beloved Teacher, Asst. Prof. Md. Izharul Haque Azad Sir

Farewell to Our Beloved Teacher, Md. Izharul Haque Azad Sir

With heavy hearts, we bid farewell to our esteemed faculty member, Md. Izharul Haque Azad Sir. Today marks the end of an era as we say goodbye to a teacher who has been an integral part of the BAUST Civil Engineering Department for more than 4 years!
From the very beginning of our journey from December 15, 2019, Izhar Sir stood as one of its foundational pillars. His dedication and commitment over the past four years have been unparalleled. As one of the very first faculty members, he played a vital role in shaping our department’s identity and guiding its growth.
Throughout his tenure, Izhar Sir tirelessly conducted classes, mentored students, and provided invaluable advice to our clubs and initiatives. His passion for teaching, researching and his genuine concern for the development of his students have touched our hearts deeply.
In the words of our honorable Head of Department, Associate Professor Dr. Md. Mahmudul Hasan, “Izhar was a true example of dedication in every aspect of his responsibilities. His absence will be deeply felt, as he was truly irreplaceable. He was also perfect in every aspect of his initiative, that’s why the word ‘PERFECT’ perfectly goes with him.”
On behalf of the entire BAUST Civil Engineering Department, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to you, Izhar Sir, for your tireless dedication and exceptional service. You have been more than just a teacher – you have been a mentor, a role model, and a great colleague.
We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and we are confident that you will continue to inspire and make a positive impact wherever you go.
Thank you, Izhar Sir, for everything. You will be dearly missed.❤️
With warm regards,
Department of Civil Engineering