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Department of Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE)


Companies and Universities Where Our Alumnus Work


BAUST IPE has already taken a strong position in the job field. Following graduation, students have two options: they can find employment or pursue higher study (Master/Ph.D.) to join the faculty of various institutes. Graduates of BAUST IPE are working in practically all sectors of the economy in the country. They have a variety of jobs with the largest domestic and foreign corporations in Bangladesh.

The RMG sector, followed by the FMCG sector, employs the greatest proportion of IPE graduates. Other industries and sectors include electronics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, footwear, chemicals, SMEs, heavy industries, healthcare, commercial, logistics, and transportation, among others.

Graduates from BAUST IPE who have a high CGPA can work as faculty members and travel abroad to study and conduct research. Currently, we are fortunate to have alumni and faculty members enrolled in top universities across the world, including those in North America and UK.

Some Job & Higher Study Status of Our Alumni



(Job Holders)

Sl Name of the Alumni Current Position & Institution Graduation Year Remarks
1 Samim Ahasan Ovi Officer (Operations & IE), FB Footwear Ltd 2020
2 Md. Atiqure Rahman IE (Executive), Apex footwear LTD 2020
3 Al Amin Lecturer, Dept. of IPE, NITER, Savar, Dhaka 2020
4 Md. Rabiul Islam Assistant Manager (IE ,Planning & Development), V & R Fashion Ltd 2020
5 Md.Ikhtekhrur Rahman Assistant Engineer, Butterfly Manufacturing Company Limited 2020
6 Fahim Shahriar Sr. Executive (SCM-Procurement), FB Footwear Ltd 2020
7 Sayed Tahsin Hossain Assistant Officer (GB), First Security Islami Bank Ltd. 2020
8 Saikat Hasan IE (OFFICER), APEX Footwear ltd 2020
9 B.M. Shamiur Rahman Sunny Sr. Executive -IE & Planning, Paradise Washing Plant Ltd. (ANANTA GROUP) 2020
10 Md. Mahadi Hassan Sr. Executive -Process Engineer, Max Industries Ltd. (MAX Group) 2020
11 Md. Nurujjaman Nahid Business 2020
12 Md. Najmul Hasan IE (Executive), Snowtex Sportswear Ltd 2020
13 Mohammad Tooneer Teaching Assistant, Dept. of IPE, BUET 2021
14 Afzal Nur Warehouse Associate, Amazon Logistics, UK 2021
15 Md. Emamul Ehshan Management Trainee, PDC 2021
16 Mohammad Abdur Rahman Executive, Industrial Engineering, Epyllion Group 2021
17 Ayman Sajjad Akash Account Manager, HILTI Bangladesh 2021
18 Md. Anjum Tanvir Executive – Industrial Engineering, Epyllion Group 2021
19 Nashitat Tajalla Nafila Jr. Executive- Marketing & Merchandising, Bitopi Group 2021
20 Tanvir Ahamed Bhuiyan Assistant Engineer (Production), Bashundhara Group 2021
21 Rabab Rukaiya Anan Validation officer, Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd 2021
22 Md. Rahamatullah Factory Manager, ARA Abrasive Ltd. 2021
23 Tanveer Mahmud Silva Assistant Manager– Process Excellence, Epic Group 2021
24 Md. Shahariar Shafi MTO, IE & Planning, Denim Asia Ltd 2021
25 Md. Ashikur Rahman Trainee Executive, Planning, Fakir Apparels Ltd 2021
26 Md. Naimul Islam Assistant Manager, Operations, Pran-RFL Group 2021
27 Mutasim Shifat Officer(operations), FCI Group (Talisman Ltd.), DEPZ, Savar 2021
28 Mosa. Subarna Aktar Production Officer, NOAH 2021
29 Mahmudul Hasan Nayem Assistant Manager, Pran-RFL Group 2021
30 Nushrat Ara Habib Tithi Production Officer, NOAH 2021
31 Mst. Nafisa Anjum Management Trainee, Deshbandhu Textile Mills 2021
32 Muhammad Ali Junior IE Officer, Alim Knit BD Ltd 2022
33 Al Amin IE(Executive), Silver Line Group 2022
34 Kamolesh Mohanta Executive- Industrial Engineer, Edison Footwear Ltd. 2022
35 Tasnimul Hasan Executive- Industrial Engineer, Shanta Industries Limited  (Dewhirst) 2022
36 Kazi Inzamamul Haq Business 2022
37 Pranab Adhikary MTO(IE), Euphoria Apparels Ltd. 2022
38 Md. Amit Hasan Business 2022


(Higher Studies)

Sl Name of the Alumni Currently Pursuing Graduation Year Remarks
1 Mohammad Hossain Limon Master of Engineering (M.Engg in AEM), Department of IPE, BUET 2020
2 Afzal Nur M.Sc. in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Faculty of Creative Industries, University of South Wales, United Kingdom 2021 Job holder also
3 Shobnom Roshny Master of Engineering (M.Sc. Engg. in IPE), Department of IPE, RUET 2021
4 Tasnimul Zannat Master of Science (M.Sc) in Mechanical Engineering, CUET 2021
5 Asef Sajjad Abir Master of Science (M.Sc) in Management of Technology, BUET 2021
6 Fatema-Tuz-Zohora Master of Engineering (M.Sc. Engg. in IPE), RUET 2021
7 Mohammad Tooneer Master of Science (M.Sc), Department of IPE, BUET 2021
8 Basharat Tabas-Sum Suha Master of Engineering (M.Sc. Engg. in IPE), Department of IPE, BUET 2021
9 Md. Hasin Arman Master of Engineering (M.Sc. Engg. in IPE), Department of IPE,  BUET 2021
10 Md. Dilir Ahbab Master of Business Administration (MBA) 2021
11 Tanveer Mahmud Silva  MBA (Jahangirnagar University) 2021 Job holder also
12 Mutasim Shifat  MBA (Jahangirnagar University) 2021 Job holder also

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